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"Tone up x firmness x tightening"

It moisturizes and firm the skin, and its cool sensation refreshes and cares for the eye area, brightening wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes for a radiant look.

It plumps up the area around the eyes and gives the outer corners of the eyes a finish like you've been to a spa for a week, leaving the area fresh, clear, and bright.

An eye cream that targets tired eyes, making them look youthful and fresh.

Like other products in the series, the newly developed ingredient PR³ Rose Complex reduces the effects of third-order ultraviolet rays and blue light emitted from digital devices, protecting and detoxifying the skin.

Contains chaga mushroom extract, which has high antioxidant properties and protects cells from environmental influences.

●The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of Chaga mushroom extract are also effective for people with allergies.

Olive extract and vegetable squalane support the efficacy of PR³ Rose Complex

●Highly moisturizing effect even with a small amount

Eye Cream Gel

9 900¥Price
  • Capacity: 15ml

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