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"Cleansing x Supple x Soft"

A cleansing with a unique texture that changes from oily to milky with nutrients when it comes in contact with water.


The oil-gel texture gently removes dirt and makeup, leaving your skin clear and clear.

Furthermore, the unique ingredients PR3 and macadamia nut oil give it a velvety soft feel.


When you spread it on your skin and massage it lightly, the texture changes from oil to milk.


●Easy to use and satisfying cleaning power

●After washing, it is refreshing but moist.

●Apply directly to your face without getting it wet.

●When the initial sticky feeling becomes loose, it's time to wash it off!

●When mixed with lukewarm water, it becomes even more light like a gel.

●Contains macadamia nut oil and marula oil

●Sistrose flower water base that improves skin condition

oil to milk cleanser

  • Contents: 125ml

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