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This home care set is recommended for those who are concerned about uneven cellulite.

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1. Purifying Bath Oil: A bath oil with a pleasant herbal scent that works on cellulite. It promotes the excretion of waste products trapped in the body, prevents acne, and purifies the skin.

②Profile Gel: A creamy body gel that contains plenty of herbal ingredients that work on accumulated waste products and create the ideal body line. The aroma effect also activates the mind.

③ Profile Cream: A cream designed to make Profile Gel more effective. We recommend using it as a set. Plant extracts such as ivy and fennel help to eliminate waste products. Prepares the body to prevent rebound and makes the skin soft and smooth.

[Cellulite Care] Home Care 3-Piece Set

  • This product is highly effective. Please refrain from using it if you are a child or pregnant.

    Also, please use Profile Gel and Profile Cream every two days. When using them, you may experience itching on the skin due to the effect of excreting waste products, so please refrain from using them if the itching is severe.

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