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"Intensive skin care x moisture x smooth"

The environmental stimulation received during the day is combined with the beautiful skin rhythm at night to keep your skin healthy. A night essence that gives you a fresh surprise the next morning.


Adjusts the melatonin balance in the skin during sleep and promotes skin metabolism.

Like other items in the same series, the newly developed ingredient PR³ Rose Complex reduces the effects of third ultraviolet rays and blue light emitted from digital devices, protecting and detoxifying the skin. .


●Rich carotenoids contained in gardenia fruit extract, which is traditionally used in natural therapy, protects melatonin formation in the skin from digital stress and suppresses skin aging.

●Olive extract ingredients and vegetable squalane support the efficacy of PR³Rose Complex.

●High moisturizing effect even in small amounts


I notice it during the day, but I don't notice the dryness while I sleep. Charge yourself with rich moisture on those nights. Skin that feels good today, tomorrow, and even 10 years from now. Night repair essence for good night beauty that you can start now.

night repair drops

  • Contents: 30ml

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