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Awakening Healthy Skin with the Blessings of the Sea

This is a life-nurturing marine deep sea water1 carrier lotion. It includes specially cultured original lactic acid bacteria2 from ancient microorganisms, fulvic acid3 produced in small amounts through long-term humification processes, six types of growth factors4, placenta5, and six types of moisturizing ingredients6.

Containing more than 60 types of marine ionized minerals and chelated minerals*7, it serves as a starter to balance the skin's natural powers and ionic balance, leading to firm and moisturized beautiful skin.

Dr.PUR's original component8 with emulsion technology and unique penetration technology supports the deeper penetration9 of subsequent skincare ingredients into the skin. It is also recommended as a carrier lotion to deliver the peptides10 of the #10 Bio Matrix Sheet deeply into the skin11.

*1 Suruga Bay marine deep sea water (seawater/moisturizing component) *2 BIO MICROBE Lactobacillus-BM21 (lactic acid bacteria culture fluid/moisturizing component) *3 Sea mud extract (moisturizing and skin conditioning component) *4 EGF (Human oligopeptide-1), FGF (Human polypeptide-11), KGF (Human polypeptide-3), HGF (Caprooyl tetrapeptide-3) provide firmness to the skin, IGF (Decapeptide-4), TGF (Oligopeptide-34) skin conditioning components *5 Placenta extract (skin conditioning component) *6 Water-soluble proteoglycan, PCA-Na, super hyaluronic acid (acetyl hyaluronic acid Na), hyaluronic acid Na, Damask rose floral water, marine collagen (water-soluble collagen) *7 In our products *8 Excel Chitosan & Excel Glucosamine (N-hydroxypropyl chitosan cocamide sulfonate Na, skin conditioning component) *9, *11 Up to the stratum corneum *10 Collagen (Bovine/moisturizing and skin conditioning component)

Other Key Ingredients: Original Excel Elastin: Hydrolyzed elastin/provides firmness to the skin NAD: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide/provides firmness to the skin CPL (Cyclic Polymerized Lactic Acid): Polylactic acid/skin conditioning component *Full ingredients are listed on the product's outer box.

#10 Bio Matrix Lotion - Bio Matrix Lotion 150ml

  • Here's the translation from Japanese to English:

    How to Use:For enhanced serum penetration and moisturizing effects, use 1-2 pumps after applying #3. It can also be mixed with #4 for use. If concerned about dryness, leave it on for a few minutes after applying, then reapply to enhance the moisturizing effect.

    Additionally, using it with the #10 Bio Matrix Peptide Sheet can provide a calming effect on skin inflammation and other irritations.

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