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For soft, supple, blissful skin texture

Introduction: Moisturizing lotion

This two-way lotion gently removes dead skin cells with Dr. PUR's original formula of varios hydroxy acid*1 and CPL*2, while five types of moisturizing ingredients*3 moisturize deep within the skin*4. It leaves your skin soft, bouncy, and comfortable with a translucent feel*5.

Original ingredients*6 support the skin's natural barrier function. Formulated with skin-beautifying ingredients*8 touted as the "blue jewel" of anti-aging care*7, vitamin C derivatives*9, human adipose tissue conditioned culture extract*10, fullerene*11, alpine rose*12, and growth factors*13, it refines the skin texture and leads to smooth, firm skin.

It can be used as an introductory lotion to help beauty serums and other products penetrate*14, or as a wipe-off lotion by wetting cotton with it.

*Use with #2 Blue Shave Wash for healthier skin

*1 Malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid (keratin softening ingredients) *2 Cyclic polymerized lactic acid (polylactic acid / skin conditioning ingredient) *3 Sodium hyaluronate, ceramide NP, PCA-Na, Damask rose flower water, marine collagen (water-soluble collagen) *4•14 Up to the stratum corneum *5 Wipes away old keratin for a smooth, textured skin *6 Excel Chitosan & Excel Glucosamine (chitosan cocamide hydroxypropyl sulfonate Na, skin conditioning ingredient) *7 Care according to age *8 Malachite extract (malachite / gives skin firmness) *9 APPS (ascorbyl palmitate phosphate 3Na / skin conditioning ingredient) *10•11 Skin conditioning ingredient *12 Rhododendron ferrugineum extract (skin conditioning ingredient) *13 EGF (human recombinant oligopeptide-1 / gives skin firmness)

Other POINT ingredients

  • Original Excel Elastin: Hydrolyzed elastin/gives skin firmness
  • NAD: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide/Provides firmness to the skin
  • Dr.PUR Crystal Bipolar Water: Water/Moisturizing ingredients
  • Super electrolytic water S-100: Water/moisturizing ingredients

*All ingredients are listed on the product outer box.

#3 BLUE SHAVE LOTION Blue Shave Lotion 120ml

  • Apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad and gently press onto the face from the center outwards without rubbing.

    Using cotton gently removes old dead skin cells.

    If you don't have time, take an appropriate amount onto your palm and gently press.

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