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Six types of retinol*1 provide holistic care for skin you can be confident in.

Contains a balanced, high concentration*4 of six types of Vitamin A*3, including pure retinol*2. A premium anti-aging care*5 cream that supports the skin's natural barrier function while providing firmness and moisture to the skin, leading to plump, bouncy, beautiful skin with even texture.

It contains non-reactive tretinoin acid*6 and is gentle on the skin. Dr.PUR's original ingredient*7 emulsification technology delivers retinol*8 steadily and gradually into the depths*9 of the skin.

Formulated with CPL*11, which supports NAD*10, which decreases with age, moisturizing ingredients*12 and Vitamin E*13, it keeps your skin fresh and healthy. It is also recommended as a daily care item after Dr.PUR Vitamin A Pure Retinol Supercharge Treatment.

*Highly concentrated*14 Vitamin A formula

*1•3•8 Pure retinol, ceramide liposomized pure retinol (retinol), natural retinol (bactiol), tocopheryl retinoate, retinol palmitate, hydrogenated retinol (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredient) *2 Retinol (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredient) *4•14 In our products *5 Care according to age *6 Tocopheryl retinoate (moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredient) *7 Excel Chitosan & Excel Glucosamine (chitosan cocamide hydroxypropyl sulfonic acid Na / skin conditioning ingredient) *9 Up to the stratum corneum *10 Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (gives skin firmness) *11 Cyclic polymerized lactic acid (polylactic acid / skin conditioning ingredient) *12 Squalane, jojoba seed oil, corn oil *13 Tocopherol (skin conditioning ingredient)

Other POINT ingredients

  • Original Excel Elastin: Hydrolyzed elastin/gives skin firmness
  • Dr.PUR Crystal Bipolar Water: Water/Moisturizing ingredients

*All ingredients are listed on the product outer box.

#7 AAA CREAM AAA Cream 30g

  • After applying an appropriate amount to the entire face, apply a small amount to touch up any areas of concern.

    Mixing it with #6 will enhance the whitening effect.

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