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Add gloss and dimension to your eyebrows to achieve a sophisticated look! Known as the "magic eyebrow mascara" on social media.

The compact brush catches even the shortest hairs! The brush, which is fine-tipped and short, is recommended for those with sparse or short eyebrows. It easily applies to the surface of the eyebrows, catching each hair without missing any. Brow mascara in any shade provides a moderate glossy finish and a sense of volume, creating an impression of natural-looking eyebrows. It also tidies up the brow hairs and keeps them in place, ensuring that your eyebrows look great even as time passes. During hot summer days, workouts, or while traveling, a quick application as the final step in your eyebrow makeup will maintain glossy eyebrows all day long.

Quick and easy eyebrow basics! Eyebrows are essential for defining facial impressions. If you want to achieve natural-looking eyebrows but are "too busy" or "not good with detailed work," we provide a basic tutorial video that teaches you how to draw neat eyebrows quickly. <Recommended for people who:>

  • Want to quickly finish their eyebrow makeup
  • Struggle with drawing eyebrows
  • Are busy in the morning and don't have much time

To succeed in eyebrow makeup, the right items and a few tricks are crucial. With LENA LEVI's popular "Cushion Brow" and "Brow Mascara #5 (Clear)," anyone can achieve impressive eyebrows.

LENA LEVI Clear Brow Mascara

3 850¥Price

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