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A secret item that delicately captures each and every eyebrow hair and creates a natural shape.

A secret item that gives your eyebrows a subtle presence, just like your own. It catches even the finest hairs, giving you sophisticated, natural eyebrows. It doesn't clump easily and has excellent staying power. The clear color enhances the impression of your eyebrows without making it look like you're wearing makeup.

The ultra-fine micro brush catches even the smallest details!

The transparent black blends in naturally, so your eyebrows will stand out even if you're wearing natural or no makeup. The straight, ultra-fine micro brush firmly captures even the finer details, such as the beginning and end of your eyebrows. It's an easy-to-use item even for those who are not good with hands. Press the tube once to evenly distribute the liquid on the brush, allowing you to apply it evenly. The uniform finish creates a natural-looking eyebrow.

LENA LEVI Clear Black Mascara


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