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An all-in-one gel that gives you smooth, firm and beautiful skin.

Carefully selected ingredients that suit the skin type of Japanese men.

Extracted from Japanese chestnuts, which are said to have been eaten by the Japanese since the Jomon period.
Uses the world's first ingredient, "Plant Human Ceramide AP."
It normalizes the skin's barrier function and leads to fresh, supple skin.

Co-developed with Satis Pharmaceutical

Developed in collaboration with Satis Pharmaceutical, which is equipped with a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory-class clean room.
We have carefully selected only the highest quality ingredients and have not added anything unnecessary.
Experience the quality of "MADE in JAPAN".

"Special ingredients" that prevent oily skin and rough skin

It uses many plant-derived ingredients and contains a large number of high-quality ingredients that are comparable to those found in high-end all-in-one gels for women.
It contains ingredients that prevent rough skin and maintain the smoothness of the skin surface.
By continuing to use it,

It feels smooth, yet gives you skin that is lustrous and sexy.

【I recommend this hotel】

- Concerned about dryness and lack of firmness - Don't want to spend time and effort on skin care - Makes you look older - Don't like cosmetics that leave a sticky feeling - Are very particular about scents

Formulated with a generous amount of carefully selected ingredients that will lead to the "right skin quality," this single bottle provides intensive care for men's skin concerns such as enlarged pores, dryness, and lack of firmness and elasticity.
The subtle, carefully crafted fragrance changes from floral to musk, creating an elegant and sexy aura for mature men, and is also useful as etiquette care.

Internal capacity


TEZORO All-in-one Gel (face)

  • 1. Remove the pump stopper from the main unit before use.
    After washing your face, take an appropriate amount (1-2 pumps) onto the palm of your hand and gently apply to your entire face.
    ③Add another pump to your hand and use it on your neck, behind your ears, the back of your hands, etc. to enhance the fragrance.

    Usage notes

    - Please use with caution to check for any abnormalities on your skin.
    - If the cosmetic does not suit your skin, that is, in the following cases, please discontinue use.
    Continuing to use cosmetics as is may worsen the symptoms, so we recommend that you consult a dermatologist.
    (1) If you experience any of the following symptoms during use: redness, swelling, itchiness, loss of color (white spots, etc.), irritation, or darkening. (2) If the above symptoms appear on the skin on which the product was used and exposed to direct sunlight. Use with care to avoid contact with eyes. If the product does get in your eyes, rinse immediately without rubbing.
    If any abnormalities occur, consult an ophthalmologist.
    ・Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swellings, eczema, etc.

    Storage and handling precautions

    -Keep out of reach of children.
    - Do not store in extremely hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
    - Once the contents have been removed from the container, do not put them back into the container.

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