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Men’s Esthetic

At INFINEEZ, all menus are available for men as well.

In this day and age when men also need to take care of their appearance, we offer a healing space where even those who are busy with work can relax and improve themselves with a range of care products.

Men’s Esthetic Course

All of our menus can be performed by men as well, but the menus introduced here are
This course is especially recommended for men. Please use all means.


Men’s Esthetic Course

  • Customized Body Care

  • CBD aroma massage 120 minutes course ¥29,700

    You can also feel the effects of CBD oil, such as relaxing the mind and body, relieving stress, and improving skin condition. This course is recommended for those who feel physically unwell due to stress or lack of sleep, and who easily get tired.

  • Hydro Splash Pore & Scalp Thorough Cleansing 90-minute Course ¥19,800

    After loosening dirt with a gentle, mild peel, hydrogen-generated water is sprayed onto the skin at high speed and simultaneously sucked in, gently removing stubborn dirt and blackheads that cannot be removed with regular cleansing.

Men’s Nail 


Men’s Nail 

  • Men's nail treatment care course: Nail length trimming + cuticle care + nail polishing + original aroma massage ¥5500

    We also offer hand and foot care, crack repair, and gel nail treatment. We also offer ingrown nail correction, so please feel free to contact us.

Men’s Eyebeauty


Men’s Eyebeauty

  • HBL (Hollywood Brow Lift) ¥8,800

    Please try the popular Hollywood Brow Lift, which makes use of your own natural eyebrows to lift and straighten your eyebrow hairs.


  • Next-generation lift-up perm ¥6,600

By simply tilting your inverted or drooping eyelashes slightly upward ,

This makes life easier and stress-free around the eyes.

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