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Because everyone works so hard every day, we want to treat them kindly.

Enjoy the beauty that shines through your fingertips with special care that is just for you, combining cleanliness and beauty.

Gel Nail hand

At INFINEEZ, we use Lubicate for all gel treatments.

INFINEEZ's gel nails are made using the highest grade PARA GEL, which fits firmly onto your nails without having to shave your natural nails, and which can strengthen and beautifully strengthen the fingertips of our valued customers while offering a variety of designs. Our staff with PARA GEL expertise allows you to repair your nails semi-permanently without having to remove the gel, which can be a burden on your nails. INFINEEZ GEL NAIL allows you to enjoy gel nails with peace of mind, even if you don't have long-lasting nails or are prone to mold.
*The length of gel nails will vary depending on your lifestyle.

Gel nails by INFINEEZ.

At INFINEEZ., we provide thorough, manual cuticle care to all customers who get gel nails.

If there is any unwanted cuticle on the nails to which gel will be applied, it will be prone to lifting, so we will carefully remove it.

To make your nails even more beautiful, we will also carefully trim the cuticles and hardened skin around your nails .

This care is very important.

We perform treatments using the correct knowledge and techniques to avoid damaging your natural nails.

At INFINEEZ., we recommend a technique that allows the gel to be applied completely without filing your natural nails , so we always carry out this care process and provide gel nails that everyone can enjoy for a long time.


What is fill-in?

What is "Fill-in"?

A technique that removes the surface gel leaving only the base gel.

There is very little risk of having to file your natural nails, and since no chemicals such as removers are used, there is no damage to your nails.

The premise is that the base gel is completely set, and if there is any lift, the fill cannot be applied.

Pre-treatment and care are very important.

It looks like there is nothing on the nail, but this is just a layer of base gel remaining. There is no lift and it is completely attached to the natural nail. After careful care in this state, we will apply new gel nails.

Beautiful gel nails have been restored.

A fill technique that saves time without putting stress on the nails.

It also contains an anti-green nail (nail fungus) treatment (Rubicade).

  • Care Clear Hand Massage ¥6,600

  • Care One Color Hand Massage ¥8,800

  • Art (1 finger) ¥110~

  • Length extension (1 piece) ¥1,100~

  • Crack repair (1 piece) ¥440~

  • ​[Our shop] Repair within 4 weeks, gel removal/fill-in (1 piece) ¥0

  • [Our shop] Repair after 4 weeks, gel removal/fill-in (1 piece) ¥110

  • [Other stores] Replacement off (1 piece) ¥220

  • [Our store] Off only, file included (1 piece) ¥220~

  • [Other stores] Only removal with file (1 piece) ¥330~

  • *Acrylic, hard gel, embedded art, etc. (1 tube) ¥550~

Lubicate has been tested for mold growth in a performance evaluation test based on a clinical trial conducted by the Environmental Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Pharmaceutical No. 1017033, Designation No. 103), an inspection agency designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. This is a product that has been recognized to have a preventive effect.

Gel Nail  foot

At INFINEEZ, we use Lubicate for all gel treatments.

  • clear
    (+ cuticle care, aroma bath, foot massage included) ¥7,700

  • one color
    (+ cuticle care, aroma bath, foot massage included) ¥9,900

  • Art (110~)

  • Crack repair (1 piece) ¥440~

  • Exfoliation care + scrub care ¥3,300

  • B/S brace quick ingrown toenail correction (1 piece) ¥4,950

  • [Our store] Repair within 4wk/gel off/fill in (1 finger) ¥0

  • [Our store] Repair 4wk and above/Gel off/Fill in (1 finger) ¥110

  • [Our store] Off only file included (1 finger) ¥220~

  • [Other stores] OFF only file included (1 finger) ¥330 ~

  • *For acrylic, hard gel, embedded art, etc. (1 piece) ¥550~

Nail Care

We will take care of excess cuticles while minimizing damage to your nails. Using original aromas, we provide double care for your skin and nails while relaxing.

  • Hand care course: filing + cuticle care + 1 color polish + original aroma massage ¥5,500

  • Foot care course Filing + cuticle care + 1 color polish + original aroma massage ¥6,600

  • Care only course

Filing + Water Care + Original Aroma

Massage ¥4,400 (H) ¥5,500 (F)

  • Exfoliation care + scrub care ¥3,300

  • Coloring 1 color / Art

(1 finger) from ¥220

  • Color off ¥0

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