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The eyes are a very important part in determining your first impression.

To help you stay as stress-free as possible during your busy days.
From natural eyes to striking eyes, add confidence and color to the smile that defines you.


INFINEEZ eyelash perms are available in a wide range of lots, so you can try out any design at a flat rate.

In order to minimize damage to your eyelashes, our experienced staff will curl them using special techniques.

You can visit us with peace of mind, as we will provide thorough consultation on design preferences and aftercare. In order to meet your needs as much as possible, we will offer all designs at the same price, with no price changes depending on the design.

  • Next generation lift perm (All Design) ¥6,600

  • Top and bottom set perm ¥8,800


INFINEEZ extensions are made of ultra-lightweight synthetic hair that feels just like your own eyelashes. All treatments include eye shampoo.

Eyelash extensions are made by attaching synthetic hair to your natural eyelashes using a special glue, so there is a risk of eye disease as dirt tends to accumulate in the attachment area. In order to minimize this risk, our store includes a cleaning eye shampoo treatment free of charge.


Non-stress rush 100 bottles ¥7,700

Non-stress rush 120 bottles ¥9,900

Non-stress rush 140 bottles ¥11,000

Non-stress rush MAX ¥13,200

Bind lock 80 pieces ¥11,000

Bind lock 100 pieces ¥12,000

Bind lock 120 pieces ¥13,000

3D volume lash up to 300 pieces ¥15,400

3D volume lash up to 400 pieces ¥16,500

3D volume lash up to 500 pieces ¥18,700

3D volume lash MAX ¥19,800

2wk repair ¥-50%

3wk repair ¥-40%

4wk repair ¥-30%

Lower eyelashes up to 40 ¥3,300

Color extension options

Off ¥1,870

​ (Replacement off within 3wk ¥0)

*Excludes bind lock

​Bind lock off ¥2,310


Hollywood Brow Lift uses a special perm solution for eyebrows and a special technique to shape each individual eyebrow hair to your liking. We also use wax hair removal to give the whole eyebrow a beautiful finish.

  • HBL Hollywood Brow Lift ¥8,800

  • HBL + Next Generation Perm ¥14,300

  • Eyebrow WAX ¥5,500

  • Eyebrow WAX + Next Generation Eyelash Perm ¥11,100

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