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~Why not let go of all the baggage you are carrying just for today and let your body and mind be enveloped in deep peace?
Here you can find the healing and relaxation you need to help you with your hard work.
So that I can be my wonderful self again from tomorrow onwards.

Esthetic course

INFINEEZ treatments are completely made to order, allowing customers to choose their own time and freely combine treatments from the entire menu within their time slot.

In order to help you become the person you want to be, you will have counseling with a therapist and we will suggest the care you truly need.

We want to fulfill every wish, no matter how selfish. And we want to be able to offer you a healing experience that will satisfy you.
It is from this idea that the INFINEEZ treatment menu was born.


Each person's body and skin condition is completely different.

We are confident that the care you need will change depending on the condition of the day.

At INFINEEZ., we value counseling in order to ensure that our customers' requests are met in the shortest possible time.

After listening to your body's condition while relaxing and relaxing with an aroma bath scrub massage foot bath, we will carefully select the menu from a wide variety of machines and products and make the best proposal.

First, please select your treatment time from the options below.

《Please see below for detailed menu details that can be customized》

♦︎180 minutes course・・・¥49,500

Aroma foot bath scrub massage counseling 30 minutes


Treatment time: 150 minutes

♦︎150 minute course・・・¥39,600

Aroma foot bath scrub massage counseling 30 minutes


Treatment time: 120 minutes

♦︎120 minutes course・・・¥29,700

Aroma foot bath scrub massage counseling 30 minutes


Treatment time: 90 minutes

♦︎90 minute course ・・・¥19,800

Aroma foot bath scrub massage counseling 30 minutes


Treatment time: 60 minutes

[Most popular facial treatment]

From "hidden skin" to "showy skin."

A highly functional anti-aging care series developed with a focus on results.

Dr.PUR  BEAUTE Treatment 

Dr. Pure Beaute Skin Regeneration Treatment *First licensed salon

スクリーンショット 2023-09-07 21.42_edited.jpg

Dr. Pure Beaute is a group of doctors, scientists, and researchers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Further research has led to the development of the country's highest level patented manufacturing methods, patented ingredients, and expensive, cutting-edge anti-aging beauty ingredients.

This is cutting-edge doctor's cosmetic made with generous amounts of ingredients.


Dr. PUR can only be used by salon therapists with specialized knowledge.

We will guide you to healthy and beautiful "attractive skin".

Based on correct skin physiology, maximize your skin's potential

It accelerates the regeneration cycle and fundamentally improves skin quality from the inside.


【I recommend this hotel】

◎Those who are concerned about age spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin

◎ Those who are concerned about open pores and dirt

◎ Those whose skin changes with the seasons and suffers from redness

◎ Those who are troubled by acne or acne scars

◎Those who are concerned about dullness

◎People who easily have reactions to cosmetics

​STEP1 “Adjustment basic course”


A basic course to adjust the regeneration cycle of weakened skin and build basic physical strength.

Patented ingredient Excel Chitosan is used, which has a "moisturizing effect that increases NMF in bare skin"

“Protects damaged skin and improves rough skin” “Improves skin barrier function by increasing affinity with the stratum corneum”

“Anti-aging effect that suppresses wrinkles and sagging” “Cell activating effect that promotes rejuvenation at the cellular level”

You can really feel the effects with its “skin-cleansing effect that balances the skin’s resident bacteria.”

We offer salon treatments.


(Treatment details 120min-)

Counseling → Skin diagnosis measurement → #1 Cleansing → #1 Cleansing pack → #2 Foam pack →

Super Mineral & Zeolite Hydrogen Mask → Fascia Head Lift Up Massage → #3 Lotion #4 Serum → #5 Vital Cream Fascia Massage → #9 Water Barrier Shape Memory Wave Gel Finish.

[Most popular body treatment]

A phytoaroma brand born in Switzerland.

The herbs are carefully selected from various sources and blended to create the most concentrated plant energy essence.

By combining our unique treatment methods, we can appropriately address each individual's concerns and goals, achieving amazing results.

​PAUL SCERRI Treatment

​Paul Sherry Specialized treatment for slimming and improving your constitution

What is Paul Shelley treatment?

This treatment is based on research based on ``a unique blend of herbs,'' ``counseling based on the teachings of traditional medicine,'' and ``physiological anatomy.''


These three commitments and the power of plants maintain beauty, so it continues to be loved by people all over the world regardless of age or gender. Paul Shelley's counseling method uses unique statistics developed through research into traditional medicine such as the Four Humor Theory, Five Element Theory, and Ayurveda.


The reason why Paul Shelley has continued to fascinate people all over the world for over 40 years is hidden in his particular beliefs.

【I recommend this hotel】

・People who don't know what kind of care is right for them

Those who are concerned about swelling

・People who have trouble sleeping

People who have difficulty recovering from fatigue and feel unwell

・Those who want to slim down while tightening their body

Those who want to improve their physical condition

Paul Shelley says that in addition to the environment in which he lives, his current body and skin are created by

We believe that genetic factors such as constitution and temperament also play a large role, and classify them into the following four types .

*Please note that this is based solely on Paul Shelley's morphological theory and is not based on medical evidence.

*Paul Shelley's traditional treatments at INFINEEZ are performed by estheticians who have received specialized training and are officially certified by Paul Shelley.

Relaxing course 120min...Preparation course to improve your constitution and lead to your ideal body

A course that leads to deep relaxation and restores the body's circulation cycle to normal by adjusting the disordered autonomic nervous system and bringing you closer to health. If you wish to go on a diet or slim down, we will first prepare your body for treatment.

Body Shape Treatment (Hyper Knife EX &Hyper Shape) 

Slimming body makeup & facial treatment

This is a soothing, full-fledged slimming treatment that combines the latest radio waves with the therapist's precise manual techniques.


It is very effective not only for slimming the body, but also for treating facial swelling, slimming the face, and creating a beautiful décolleté line.

【I recommend this hotel】

・Those who are concerned about cellulite.

・Those who seriously want to go on a diet.

・Those who are concerned about edema.

・Those who want to change their appearance.

・Those who want to downsize.

・Those who want to relieve stiffness in their body.

The new Hyper Knife EX model sold at our store uses a high frequency of 1MHz and SHF (Smooth.High.Frequency) which has excellent heating properties, so the waves have less noise and heat up faster, over a wider area.

You will notice how quickly the temperature warms up your thighs, waist, stomach, buttocks, and upper arms, which are particularly susceptible to feeling cold.


Body fat refers to the fat stored in the body.


・It tends to accumulate around the internal organs (around the waist)... [visceral fat]

・It tends to accumulate between the skin and muscles (buttocks, thighs, and lower body)... [Subcutaneous fat]

・And what is cellulite, women's nemesis? [Enlarged subcutaneous fat]

The mechanism by which fat is burned involves three important steps: (decomposition) → (transportation) → (burning).


By applying the new Hyper Knife EX to areas you want to reduce size or to improve your body shape, the fat is heated to 42 degrees, the temperature at which fat cells break down. The fat is broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which are transported from the bloodstream to muscles throughout the body, where it is consumed and burned as energy.

Weight loss is achieved by allowing the toxins to flow through the lymph and being excreted through sweat, urine, and feces.

It can warm deep inside in a short time, and not only has a slimming effect, but also improves blood flow and regulates the autonomic nervous system, and reduces fatigue. The cellulite and fat layer are softened and melted, and then the Hyper Shape Suction Roller is used to thoroughly massage out the cellulite .


By repeating the treatment multiple times, you can expect to achieve a beautiful and healthy body and face line.

(Estimated time)

・90-minute course: Focused care on one area of particular concern

・120-minute course: Carefully treat 2-3 areas of concern

・150 minutes course・・・Three areas to the whole body for thorough care


Counseling → Measurement → Hyper Knife EX → Hyper Shape → Full Body Massage → Detox Heating

Facial Deep Clean Treatment


Hydro Splash Pore Cleaning

【I recommend this hotel】


・Those who are concerned about blackheads in their pores

・Those who are concerned about clogged pores

・Those who are concerned about floating sebum

・Those who are concerned about roughness and stiffness of their skin

・Those who want to have their backs taken care of for bridal events, etc.

After using a mild AHA peel that is gentle on the skin to lift away impurities, fresh hydrogen-generated water is sprayed onto the skin at high speed while simultaneously sucking up the impurities.

Hydrogen water, which is currently attracting a great deal of attention, is said to have the effect of removing active oxygen, which promotes collagen production and keeps the skin moisturized.

Hydrogen water also has the effect of suppressing inflammation, which can help improve rough skin.

In addition, hydrogen water is expected to improve blood circulation, which is another reason why it can help improve rough skin.

Hydro pore cleansing removes stubborn pore dirt and blackheads that cannot be removed by regular cleansing.

It can be removed without any strain on the skin and is a very effective treatment for improving rough skin.

By removing the keratin plugs and dirt that were blocking the pores,

It has the effect of tightening pores and toning up the entire skin.

No cleansing ingredients are used for suction, and only fresh hydrogen is used for cleaning and suction, making this a safe experience even for those with sensitive skin.

Additionally, a highly moisturizing pack and dry head massage will finish off the treatment, relieving brain fatigue and improving skin texture.

(Treatment duration 60 min.)

​ Counseling → Skin diagnosis → Cleansing → AHA mild peeling → Hydrogen pore cleansing → Highly moisturizing pack → Dry head massage

*After the treatment, you can see the actual dirt that has been absorbed with hydrogen.

FacialRiftUp  & BodyShapeTreatment


HIFU Focus Neo Pro Small Face Lift Up Care/Body Slimming Care

Unlike traditional "focal" highs that are associated with pain and suffering, INFINEEZ.

We use a "thermal storage type" high.

Thermal storage Hyf is a slimming treatment that uses heat to tighten the skin from the inside.

This is a high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment that is effective for those who want to reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, and slimming areas.

Developed jointly with doctors, it is possible to irradiate with low output power, so it is safe to use and has long-lasting effects. In addition, since the depth of irradiation can be adjusted, it is possible to perform care while adjusting it according to the purpose.

It also promotes collagen production and skin replacement cycle, and can be expected to improve skin quality such as whitening, firmness, and luster. The effect will last for up to 3 months, but if you apply it regularly

In addition to the lifting effect, it is possible to maintain the shape.

*Effects may vary from person to person.

[Recommended for these people ①]

・For those who want to take care of fine wrinkles on the face, rough skin, and even the eyes.

・People who want to make their skin firmer overall.

・Those who are concerned about sagging pores.

There is no pain at all as the irradiation is applied to the shallow layers of the skin.

As it can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids and the outer corners of the eyes, it is highly recommended for those who want to firm up the fine lines around the eyes.

[Recommended for these people②]

・Those who want to firmly lift their face.

Those who want to make their face look smaller.

Those who want to prevent aging.

・Those who want to improve double chins, etc.

Those who want to improve sagging skin and sharpen their contours.

By deeply irradiating the entire face to the face line and neck, you can experience a significant face-slimming effect and lift-up.

Since it is possible to irradiate to the very edge of the eye area, it is possible to approach sagging eyelids and tear bags.
Recommended for those who want to achieve a firm effect on areas of concern such as face lines, gills, sagging, etc.

[Recommended for these people③ ]

・Those who want to lose weight in specific areas.

Those who want to tighten their body lines.

・Those who want to increase their bust size.

It directly acts on subcutaneous tissues such as fat and fascia, and the heat it generates dissolves fat cells. Repeated irradiation is also ideal for spot weight loss, such as tightening the body line and reducing size. In addition, by applying HIFU to the "pectoral muscles" that form the foundation of the breasts and the "Cooper's ligaments" that support the breasts from the inside, collagen in the tissue is activated,

The tightening effect can be expected to lift the bust.

*About our store's handling of HIFU*

Recently, troubles with HIFU have been reported in the media, etc.

Rest assured that HIFU is not an illegal act according to current laws.


HIFU that is currently causing many problems is 2D, 3D, and 9D HIFU such as HIFU in self-esthetic salons and focused ultrasound.

Since the Focus Neo Pro we handle is a heat storage type ultrasound (trademark),

This is the latest machine that is extremely safe and highly effective.


Our therapists have completed the HIFU Focus NeoPro skill training and handle the products with correct knowledge.

In addition, HIFU Focus NeoPro Dr.VISEA provides full cooperation to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, including providing information.

We are working hard to prevent accidents.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us so that you can receive the HIFU treatment with peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact us.


CBD & CBN Oil Oriental Therapy


The original INFINEEZ method, based on Ayurveda, the world's oldest medical science, and traditional Eastern medicine , helps eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the body and improves your own natural healing powers.


Using CBD oil, a thorough massage along the lymph nodes of the body will release tension in your tired body and relax you from the inside out.


You can also experience the benefits of CBD oil, such as relaxing the mind and body, relieving stress, and improving skin condition.


This course promotes blood circulation by thoroughly relaxing the entire body, and is recommended for those who are feeling unwell or easily fatigued due to stress or lack of sleep.

■What is CBD &CBN oil?


CBD & CBN oil is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and many people, including celebrities from all over the world, are interested in it. Cannabinoid is a component of cannabis that is extracted from the stems and seeds of hemp (cannabis).

Despite being completely non-toxic, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to reduce stimulation of mental functions, making it extremely safe and used worldwide as a sleep aid.


It is known to have no effects on the mind (psychoactive effects) or addictive properties, and is an ingredient that is attracting attention from the medical, health, and beauty industries.


A component extracted from the stems and seeds of hemp plants that acts on the brain and has a calming effect. It acts directly on the nerves and reacts to neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which is thought to help relieve chronic stress. It has been.

We also sell INFINEEZ original CBD &CBN oil


*CBD & CBN oil are legal ingredients, but if you are unsure about using them, you can change them to our original aroma oil.

Head Spa

Dry Head Spa

Myofascial release head spa


This treatment targets the fascia of the skull, relieving head fatigue while lifting the face, providing a wide range of relief including brain fatigue.

This dry head spa is an original INFINEEZ method that can help alleviate eye strain and headaches, and will help you achieve beauty and health.


Immediately after the treatment, you will notice a lifted and toned look on your face .

Fit Carving

Fit Carving


Fit Carving is a high-density focused electromagnetic wave machine that allows you to easily do CrossFit training. Its overwhelming magnetic field power surpasses that of other slimming machines of the same type, allowing you to contract your muscles in a short time, which is impossible to achieve at a sports gym or at home .

Unlike conventional EMS, this method uses electromagnetic pulses to forcibly contract deeper muscles, building them into ideal muscles.

It is characterized by being programmed to provide a balanced approach to muscles that respond to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise . Fit Carving delivers electromagnetic waves up to 7cm beneath the skin, 7 times deeper than conventional EMS. By forcibly stimulating and contracting the deepest parts of the muscles, it strengthens muscles efficiently and quickly.
A 30-minute treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 squats or sit-ups, making it easy to achieve a toned body.

■30 minute training...¥11,000

■Combination with other menu items: +¥5,500

Fit carving can be performed at the same time as nail treatment or eye treatment .

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