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Prodigieux Neroli Oil contains the added scent of neroli, which soothes not only the skin but also the mind.

This is a certified organic dry oil that is formulated using 100% natural ingredients and provides anti-aging care*.

Combining extensive knowledge of botanical oils with French formulation techniques,
Prodigieux Oil has a smooth texture and leaves no sticky feeling, and is scented with neroli.
Nuxe's first organically certified Prodigieux Neroli Oil leaves skin and hair beautifully smooth while its 100% natural blend of neroli, bergamot, lavandin and other wonderful fragrances appeals to the senses.
The fragrance is composed of concentrated calming properties, providing a relaxing effect every time you use it.

Organic dry oil for a radiant glow

A perfectly balanced blend of precious organic botanical oils* provides anti-aging care* and shine to skin and hair without leaving a sticky feeling. The vegan formula uses 100% natural ingredients (42% of which are organic) to beautify skin and make hair lustrous.

* Enteplum oil (prune seed oil: skin conditioning ingredient) and sesame oil (sesame oil: skin conditioning ingredient)

1. Organic Enteplum Oil

This oil is extracted by cold pressing the kernels of plums grown in Agen, France. It has an excellent balance of fatty acids and contains vitamin E, which has excellent effects on maintaining healthy hair and skin.

2. Organic Sesame Oil

This oil is extracted by cold pressing sesame seeds. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, sesame lignans, and essential fatty acids, and is smooth to the touch and absorbs easily, leaving no sticky feeling on the skin's surface.

Prodigieux Neroli Oil 100mL

  • Face:Take 2-3 pumps of oil into your hands and gently massage it into your face from bottom to top and from the inside out. It is also recommended for men. If used for beard care, it can soften the touch and give your beard a shiny, well-groomed appearance. Also, if applied before shaving (before applying shaving foam or gel), it can protect the skin surface and reduce inflammation caused by shaving.

    Body:Apply the oil to your body (such as the décolleté and legs) by drawing circles and blending it in. Pay particular attention to areas concerned with dryness or stretch marks.

    Hair:Apply evenly throughout your hair, including the ends. It can also be used as a special care treatment (like a hair mask) to condition your hair. Apply it to your entire hair once or twice a week before shampooing, leave it on for 10 minutes, then shampoo.

    For Men:It can be used as an aftershave for post-shaving care.

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