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A bath oil that warms the body from the core and boosts metabolism, ideal for those concerned about fat or feeling cold.

A bath oil blended with citrus herbs such as orange and lemon, as well as woody herbs like cypress. These herbs help alleviate chilliness and dryness. Moreover, by promoting warmth, it supports energy consumption and puts the mind and body in diet mode. It warms the body from the core with its warming effect.

[Recommended for:]

  • Those who feel cold
  • Those concerned about dry skin
  • Those concerned about excess fat

~ PAUL SCERRI ~ A phytoaroma brand born in Switzerland in 1978, blending the power of plants with aromatic effects. We blend herbs harvested from carefully selected locations and propose concentrated products and unique treatment methods. Loved by professionals worldwide for approaching each person's concerns and goals reliably and pursuing results.

Paul Sherry Silhouette Clarifying Bath Oil 150ml

  • Pour about two capfuls of bath oil into the bathtub and add water. As the water fills the tub, a soft foam will develop, spreading the deeply comforting scent of herbs throughout the bathroom. Alternatively, if you prefer a bath without foam, add about two capfuls of bath oil directly into the bathwater, mixing well before bathing.

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