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"Paul & Sherry Silhouette Hydroactivating Bath Oil 150ml"

Formerly known as Silhouette Hydroactivating Bath Oil, this bath oil is designed to refresh and lighten both body and mind, especially when feeling heavy and bloated.

A blend of lavender, juniper, and savory creates a sweet and refreshing herbal aroma, supporting the elimination of excess water retention in the body, leaving you with a light and refreshed sensation.

Recommended for:

  • Those concerned about bloating
  • Those who enjoy intense flavors
  • Those whose shoes or boots feel tight in the evening

Paul & Sherry, born in Switzerland in 1978, is a phytoaroma brand that combines the power of plants with aromatic effects. They blend carefully harvested herbs from selected regions and offer concentrated products along with their unique treatment methods. Loved by professionals worldwide, they ensure to address each individual's concerns and goals to pursue results.

"Paul & Sherry Silhouette Hydrobath Oil 150ml"

  • Add approximately 2 capfuls of bath oil to the bathtub and fill it with water. As you do so, a soft lather will form, spreading a deeply pleasant herbal scent throughout the bathroom.

    Alternatively, if you prefer to bathe without lathering, pour about 2 capfuls of the oil into the bathtub's water and mix well before bathing. Enjoy your bath!

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