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Body oil that relieves tension in mind and body


Herbal ingredients such as orange, pettygrain, and citronella provide deep relaxation for the mind, body, and skin.

It moisturizes and protects your skin while being smooth and light to the touch. Massage loosens and soothes tense muscles and stiffness caused by stress or sports.


【I recommend this hotel】

・I have stiff shoulders and lower back pain

・I am concerned about the firmness of my stomach

・I want to feel relaxed



A phyto-aroma brand born in Switzerland in 1978 that combines the power of plants and aromatic effects.

We offer concentrated products and unique treatment methods by blending herbs harvested from carefully selected production areas.

It is used by professionals around the world as a brand that reliably approaches each person's concerns and goals and pursues results.

Paul Shelley Spa Aromatic Relaxing Oil 200ml

  • After bathing, lightly towel dry and apply an appropriate amount.

    Or apply it by gently massaging it into areas where your muscles are tired after sports or where you want to relax before bed.

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