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Just by framing your eyebrows, you can make them stand out even more! Pearl highlighter creates bright, three-dimensional eyebrows

By surrounding your eyebrows with pearl highlighter, you can create a natural contrast with a flash effect, making your eyebrows look more glamorous and three-dimensional. This excellent item will instantly transform your eyebrows into eyebrows with more presence. The stick type makes it easy to apply to the fine details along the arch of your eyebrows.

Focuses light to naturally accentuate eyebrows

It is a pencil type that can be used as it is, or by applying it with your fingers. It has a crayon-like texture that blends easily with the skin, so it does not dry out easily. It contains delicate and elegant pearls that do not glare, but instead collect the desired light to create a soft highlight effect and create a three-dimensional eye look with texture. Because it is a stick type, it can be used with pinpoint accuracy, and if you keep it in your pouch, you can conveniently touch up when your face looks dull.

Professional technique! Three-dimensional eyebrows

Many women aspire to have three-dimensional eyebrows. If you want to achieve the perfect eyebrows as drawn by an eyebrow artist, try gathering the items and giving it a try. It's surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it.

Recommended for:
・I want to achieve perfect, beautiful eyebrows. ・I want to have striking, three-dimensional eyebrows. ・I want to master eyebrow makeup.

To create three-dimensional, refined eyebrows, first draw the eyebrows softly and arrange them in the right order, then change your approach to making the eyebrows "stand out." Use concealer to outline the top and bottom of the eyebrows, emphasizing the boundary between the eyebrows and the skin. Finally, highlight with Luminizer Radiant Finish to accentuate the bone structure and create neat eyebrows even with natural makeup.

Luminizer Radiant Finish


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