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"Four-piece Traditional Chinese Medicine Aroma Set [Improving Coldness, Swelling, Menstrual Pain]"

【What is Traditional Chinese Medicine Aroma?】 It is an essential oil developed by integrating the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine theory and Western aromatherapy, using the latest scientific technology.

These oils are made by blending the herbal ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine with the plant extracts commonly found in Western aromatherapy.

In ancient China, there existed the natural philosophy of "Five Elements," which illustrates the interrelationship of elements: Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth, Earth generates Metal, Metal generates Water, and Water generates Wood. This philosophy applies to the human body's five viscera and six bowels as well: Wood = Liver, Fire = Heart, Earth = Spleen, Metal = Lung, and Water = Kidney. They are believed to influence each other.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Aroma combines aromatherapy for relaxation purposes with traditional Chinese medicine to enhance natural healing abilities. It has gained widespread popularity in recent years, especially in the esthetic and relaxation industries.

By using Traditional Chinese Medicine Aroma for treatments, various symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, swelling, coldness, and easy fatigue can be effectively alleviated.

"Four-piece Traditional Chinese Medicine Aroma Set [Coldness, Swelling, Menstrual Pain]"

  • "If ingredients settle, there is no problem with the quality. Please shake well before use."

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