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Recommended for those who want to recover from fatigue both mentally and physically!

"Shake" 5ml "Relax" 5ml "Pulse" 30ml A 4-piece set of cassia that is easy to use for home care.

[What is Chinese herbal aroma?] It is an essential oil developed by blending the concepts of Chinese traditional medicine theory and Western aromatherapy, using the latest scientific technology.

It is made by mixing the ingredients of Chinese herbs used in traditional medicine with the plant ingredients used in Western aromatherapy.

In China, there has been a natural philosophy called "Five Elements Thought" since ancient times, which shows the relationship between wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. This applies to the human body's internal organs, with wood=liver/gall bladder, fire=heart/small intestine, earth=pancreas/spleen/stomach, gold=lung/large intestine, and water=kidney/bladder. They are said to mutually influence each other.

Chinese herbal aroma combines aromatherapy for relaxation with traditional Chinese medicine aimed at enhancing natural healing power, allowing for higher beauty and health effects. It has gained wide popularity in recent years in the esthetics and relaxation industry, among others.

Treating with Chinese herbal aroma is highly effective in improving various symptoms such as stiff shoulders, lower back pain, swelling, coldness, and easy fatigue.

Chinese herbal aroma 4-piece set [Fatigue Recovery]

  • Please note: The ingredients may settle, but this does not affect the quality of the product. Please shake well before use.

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