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A natural conditioner created by a team of cosmetic scientists.

This conditioning product contains nano-sized peptides and ingredients that are effective for eyelash and eyebrow care, and with just 3 weeks of continuous use, it will give your natural eyelashes and eyebrows firmness, strength, volume, shine, and charm, making them more beautiful than ever before. Easy care once a day.
This revolutionary conditioner helps restore damaged eyelashes to a healthy condition.

Longer and thicker

Contains a proprietary nano-peptide complex that gives lashes volume and strengthens their appearance, while an encapsulated vitamin complex (vitamins C and E) helps protect lashes.

Protect and Enhance

Pro-vitamin B5 protects eyelashes from damage, giving them flexibility, strength and health whilst natural plant extracts keep lashes supple.

Conditioning and nutrition

It contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize your lashes, while Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Allantoin make your brows and lashes hydrated, smoother and firmer.

Aging Care

Uses fruit stem cell technology and a unique nano-peptide complex to help maintain healthy eyelashes and brows.

Cruelty Free

Our products are certified cruelty-free by PETA. No rabbits or animals are harmed in the making of our products!

Paraben Free

All our products are free of sulfates, parabens, hormones, artificial fragrances, gluten and any other worrisome ingredients.

Lashaddict Eyelash Conditioning Serum 5ml

  • Apply once a day (morning or night) to upper eyelashes

    This beauty serum contains ingredients designed to promote eyelash growth. There is no need to apply too much.
    Please note that applying a large amount will not make it grow faster.
    You can apply mascara right up to the roots of your eyelashes. However, be careful not to rub your eyes after applying mascara.


    • Wash your hands before use. This is a sensitive eye serum so please store it with care.
    • This product can be used by people who wear contact lenses or have eyelash extensions, but please be careful to observe hygiene when touching the eye area.
    • If you have sensitive skin, hay fever, or other allergies that cause your eyelids to easily become red, we recommend using the product once every two days. Gradually get used to it. (For those with pollen season or year-round allergies)
    • Depending on your diet, physical condition, and other conditions, you may experience stinging or temporary redness around the eyes after application.
    • Eyelash conditioning serum contains concentrated nano-peptides (amino acids) and vitamins that directly penetrate the hair to promote hair growth. In addition, as blood circulation around the eyes improves, any temporary symptoms will subside within a few days, so rest assured.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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