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Packed with beauty ingredients, brows that won't disappear! Japan's first cushion type.

An evolved eyebrow product containing hair growth ingredients and beauty essences such as hyaluronic acid. It has a texture that feels like a combination of powder and liquid, creating a glossy finish with a cushion type application. It has excellent color retention, eliminating the stress of "having no eyebrows by evening." Recommended for those who want dimensional brows or for those who do art makeup.

Enjoy natural lines and brow colors with two tones. When applied with the brush, it has a liquid-like texture yet can be softly applied like powder, allowing for a natural brow look without clumping. With two tones available, dark/light, it's easy to match any brow color and create gradients. Being a cushion type, it doesn't cause powder scattering. The included brush is foldable with a screw brush, allowing for detailed lines even when on the go or during makeup touch-ups.

Complete your brows quickly! Basic brow makeup. Brows are essential for expressing one's impression. For those who want a natural-looking brow but say they're "too busy" or "not good at it," we offer a quick yet detailed method for drawing brows in a video tutorial.

Recommended for:

  • Those who want to complete their brows quickly
  • Those who struggle with drawing brows
  • Those who are busy in the morning and don't have much time

To succeed in brow makeup, having the right tools and a few tips is crucial. With "Cushion Brow" and "Brow Mascara #5 (Clear)," both popular items from LENA LEVI, anyone can achieve impressive brows.

"Lena Levi Cushion Brow"


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