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Achieve a smooth, melting fit with excellent coloration and adherence of powder. With a texture as smooth as silk, it allows you to create both natural and bold brows effortlessly. With a lineup of four easy-to-blend shades that easily blend with your hair color or clothing, you can adjust nuances accordingly. Additionally, blending can produce your original color! Waterproof and resistant to water and sweat, it keeps your beautiful brows intact for hours.

A must-have for those with sparse or thin brows!

For those who naturally have thin brows or have over-plucked in their youth, the disappearance of eyebrows can leave the face looking desolate. If you want to ensure your brows stay put all day, this is a must-see. Recommended for:

  • Those with sparse or thin brows
  • Those who have over-plucked their eyebrows in their youth
  • Those with patchy eyebrows

For those with sparse or thin brows, using a liquid pencil + powder is essential. Achieve a three-dimensional finish with the "Waterproof Liner Liquid Pen" to replicate the texture of brow hairs and the "Silk Eyebrow Shadow" to add softness and volume. Instantly, your face will have dimension and definition.

LENA LEVI silk eyebrow shadow