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Unique Color Expression, Control Over the Tail of the Brow: Ultra-fine Core Eyebrow Pencil

This retractable eyebrow pencil is a favorite among professionals due to its ultra-fine tip that combines excellent color payoff with precision. It easily fills in gaps and perfectly shapes the tail ends of your eyebrows with natural-looking strokes. The included travel-friendly spoolie brush helps to shape the hair flow and blend for a more natural look. Its waterproof and sweat-resistant properties ensure long-lasting wear.

Ultra-fine Tip for Precise Color as Seen The ultra-fine core is ideal for drawing individual hairs, making it easier to create a natural hair flow. It resists smudging and sweat, maintaining beautifully defined brows even when touched. There are five natural shades available that easily blend with your hair color.

Spoolie Brush for Gentle Hair Shaping The ultra-fine brush made from soft bristles is gentle on the skin and effective at catching even fine hairs, helping to achieve the desired hair flow. This dual-purpose tool is also recommended for beginners or those who want to minimize their makeup toolkit. Besides grooming eyebrows, it can be used to remove clumps from mascara or to style bangs.

LENA LEVI Brow Twist Pencil