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“Protect, nurture, and charm.” V3 Foundation is heading into Season 2.

While retaining the strengths of the existing V3 foundation, various beauty ingredients lead to healthy, beautiful, and confident skin.

While retaining the strengths of "V3 Exciting Foundation", ingredients such as "Inospicure" with new beauty ingredients added, "Dokudami Extract", "Adiposol", "Tannin Complex", "Natural SW", etc., make you feel energetic. It will lead to beautiful and confident skin. SPF37 PA++




 Innospicule 1,500 bottles of human cord blood stem cell conditioned culture solution content increased!! (compared to previous model)



 In addition, we have added 1,500 bottles of Inospicure with added whitening ingredients!



 Contains 37.06% Dokudami extract



 Added ingredients that inhibit photoaging caused by ultraviolet rays



 Added patented sebum and pore shrinking ingredients



 Added 5 types of fermented extracts that are effective for skin whitening and moisturizing.

SPICARE V3 Shining Foundation

  • 1. Apply firmly to the cheeks in the following order: from the tip of the chin to below the ears, from the nostrils to the ears, and from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples.

    After that, use the cream left on the sponge to finish the forehead and other small areas.

    2. When applying the cream to the 3rd line of the cheek, use the sponge to reach the face line and gently pull it up and hold it for a few seconds.

    3. Effective in increasing the firmness of the entire skin.

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