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Aging care is common sense for men too!


Increases skin's moisturizing power,

Youthful skin texture and silhouette

Body cream available at the same time.

Hardly available for men

A body cream containing double human stem cell extract*4.


[Recommended for these people]

Severe dryness

The skin has no firmness and is sagging

prone to swelling

I don’t like cosmetics that leave a sticky residue.

I want to improve stretch marks

Strong commitment to fragrance

Containing plenty of carefully selected ingredients that lead to the ``correct skin quality,'' this product is not only moisturizing, but also provides anti-aging care.

It is especially recommended for people whose metabolism slows down with age and who are prone to swelling.

The subtle scent shifts from floral to musk, creating an elegant and sexy aura for adult men, and is also useful as an etiquette care tool.


Internal capacity


TEZORO All-in-one body cream


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